How Do We Work

Our work methodology alternates between Lean and Agile, depending on the type of project we are working on. The methodologies are very similar in terms of execution, however, it’s the way in which the output is delivered the differentiates one from the other.


The ideal methodology for start-ups, here the process is based on a “Learn, Measure and Build” cycle, as illustrated above, that creates a connection between the product and its users. The connection that is created is through using customer feedback to continuously improve the product to keep the users happy. It is a very efficient way of building products a lot faster and less risky than traditional methods.


Being a very time sensitive principle to work, agile gives us the opportunity to deliver our product in smaller sections that allow us to build our product step-by-step. This methodology requires flexibility and the ability to adjust to changes to reduce the amount of time it takes to implement new features in the product depending on what obstacles can develop over time.