What is it?

By discovering problems brought forward by clients, defining solutions using our intuition, logic, estimations and most importantly our imaginations, we can come up with an effective product to improve the quality of life for the people who desire such a solution.

How it’s Done

There are multiple ways to effectively execute design thinking, but the most common practice involves identifying the issue that needs to be solved, coming up with numerous creative solutions and developing those ideas to test with your target audience to end up with a product that will become an important factor in their everyday lives.

The Essential Steps

At I Think we follow the below steps religiously to ensure that the output brought forward is the best solution possible.



Find out the context, the personas and the pain points to solve.



Lay down the users profile, write their stories around the pain points and create the customer journey mapping



Exchange, share brainstorm & wireframe flows…foresee the app core features focusing on the most important



Create a visual representation of MVP solution with the main screens focusing on the most important features.



Validate proposed solution to real customers by exposing prototypes to field test.

The Output

After our Design Thinking workshops, every stage is presented to the client to give them an outline as to what we’ve come up with and what would be the best solution to their problem. However, depending on the length of the workshop, the final output varies in depth.

2 Day Workshop

The deliverables at the end of these workshops include a complete persona profile, customer journey and working protoype.

5 Day Workshop

This workshop gives the same deliverables as the 2 day workshop, also the prototype is sent out to real users.

Results of our Design Thinking Workshops

We tackle all our projects with the same method and the results speak for themselves, here are just a few of them.